Career with us

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If you have a passion for challenge and achievement, a thirst for knowledge, and a desire to make your career with a company that embraces collaboration, then consider what LiveZone has to offer.

Choice & Diversity

LiveZone offers a multi-cultural experience. You can be sure you will have the freedom to develop a challenging and diverse career.

Consulting, Technology, Construction, Investment, Outsourcing, Local Professional Services – your career can span all four or you might want to specialize in one.

LiveZone actively supports diversity & life balance and is committed to ensuring that all individuals are shown respect; everyone is treated fairly; and that each individual is valued.

Learning & Development

Your professional development is the key to ensuring that LiveZone retains competitive advantage. We continually develop and deliver learning programs and tools, facilitating best-in-class training and continuous education.

Working with the needs of your business unit, you can tailor your own personal learning agenda. You could be one of the delegates who annually participate in the LiveZone Camp’s virtual and physical learning programs.

Values & Approach

Our business is built around seven core values: Safety and Healthy First, Change and Innovation, Clearly Focus on Codes of Ethics, Individually Human Resource Development, Team Spirit, Commit to Surpass The Wishes Of All Stakeholders and Enjoying. We have a unique approach in working with our clients to achieve their success called the Collaborative Business Experience.

Recruitment Processes
» Screening of Applications 
» Database Management 
» Preliminary Interviews 
» Recruitment Process Outsourcing
» Referral checks 
» Medical check-ups 
» On-boarding and acceptance formalities 
» Employee handbook and worksite rules
» Issue appointment letter or Complete New Hire formalities 
» Regulatory compliance – employee and employer
» Comply with the necessary Income Tax /Labor Laws
» Responsible for payroll and benefit administration
» Coordinate for appraisals, feedback and employee related issues between employee and employer
» Full and final settlements

•• Performance Appraisal
» Collation and developing action points from the data generated
» Training Needs identification 
» Selection of Training Courses

» Payroll Processing 
» Benefits Administration 
» Medical reimbursement/insurance processing 
» Compensation benchmarking and normalization

•• On going HR Consultancy:

• Organisation Structure and Manpower Planning
• HR Strategy & Direction
• Performance Planning and Management
• Retention initiatives 
• Career Planning & Development
• Coaching and Mentoring
• Developing HR Systems, Processes & Mechanisms

•• Organisation Development
• Mission and Value setting exercises 
• Culture Building exercises 
• Balanced Score Card
• Special Organisation Studies and interventions 
• Change Management and strategic interventions for Change 
• Initiatives to enhance Work Culture 
• Team Integration and Team building processes

Talent Management
• Role Analysis and Defining Accountabilities 
• Competency Mapping and Skill Directory 
• Talent Management and Retention of Star Performers 
• Coaching and Mentoring of Star Performers

•• HR Processes
• Performance Management System and alignment of performance with Business Goals 
• Recruitment & Selection Processes 
• Compensation Policy and Compensation Structure 
• Design of Performance Pay, Incentives and Long Term/Short Term Deferred Plans 
• HR Audit and maturity of HR processes 
• Policies and Processes

•• Value Added HR Services
» Mobile / sms assistance. Respond to queries within 24 hours
» Proactive communication interface at regular intervals
» Training on personal effectiveness or as customized by the client
» Employee welfare and Recognition programs
» Employee Satisfaction Surveys
» Counseling of employees

» Exit Interviews 
» Final Settlements 
» Management of Bonds
» Statutory Compliances


LiveZone's Board of Executives