Business Purpose

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Every company needs capital to implement strategies to expand its business, so profit is the test of our validity. We can make a social contribution only if we are profitable. But besides the purpose of making profit for its own sake, we are targeting other important development purposes.

We judged success not only on the basis of business barometers like revenues, profits, growth and business reputation and monetary rewards, but also on personal factors like sharing, contribution, satisfaction and goal-achievement.

Our Reason for Being

To serve our customers' wealthy needs with imaginative science from planning and implementing all of the resources;

To inspire all those we serve with a mission of responsibility, wealthy and goodness;

To empower others by sharing our knowledge, time, talents, and profits; and

To help create a better community by exchanging our faith, experience, and hope.


Company Motivation

Entrepreneur motivation

As entrepreneurs, we are motivated primarily by the desire to create something new, the desire for self-determination, wealth and financial independence, jobs-creation, the achievement of personal objectives and the propensity for action ('doing') or contribution.

The excitement and challenging of entrepreneurship was another our major motivator.

We wanted to leave a legacy in the form of a profitable long-lasting business.

Success attributions

We consider emotional or mental strength, resilience ('I can't be kept too down for too long'), perfectionism and patience were other frequently mentioned qualities. Leadership skills, particularly communication skills and good employee management, were highlighted as contributors to success.

Our organization can develop programs to help managers translate concepts into reality and to create role models.

Here are the top 10 reasons why we should be entrepreneurs:

1. To create wealth.

2. To bring out the inner strength within ourselves, that is rooted deep inside somewhere. That reserve of strength will bring out a new and confident person from us.

3. To make us proud by walking on a path that is less traveled. To stand out of majority of people and creating an unforgettable identity for ourselves based on what we have done.

4. To show people around us that we are citizens of strength and confidence. People will look upon us as a source of strength.

5. To value our own skills and strengths, instead of giving off cheaply by working for someone else.

6. To be an inspiration and example for others.

7. To be creative. When we walk on the entrepreneurship path, the creative side of ours will surface in most unexpected ways.

8. To make a difference in lives of others. When we are entrepreneurs we will have the power of making a difference in the life of our employees, friends and customers.

9. To be happy. To love life and to love self.

10. And finally, to experience the uncertain journey on Entrepreneurship. We have short life, and we don't want to be missing out on a great experience. The journey of becoming an entrepreneur will itself teach us so much it is worth it only for that one reason.

So we go ahead, start moving and walk on this wonderful path called entrepreneurship !

Vu Xuan Dzung & Do Duy Nam & Nguyen Viet Cuong

MBA, Founder



LiveZone Vietnam Consulting & Investment JSC