Company Behaviors

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Companies are not about bricks and mortar. They are about human beings. The whole of Company behave as an individual within company behaves. We believe that our success is determined by the behavior of our people. Proper behavior results in professional, confident, trustful, prompt, accurate, cheerful, courteous service.

We pursue the perfection of behavior and we think it's important for you to know how our employees are expected to behave.

Behavior Themes of LiveZone's Culture:

*      Discuss / Decide / Support

*      Demonstrate Respect, Candor and Commitment

*      Develop and Leverage Deep Customer Knowledge and Insights

*      Pursue and Reinforce Collaboration/Teamwork Spirit

*      Ensure & Accept Accountability

*      Challenge / Innovate / Change

LiveZone's 15 Standard Behaviors

For LiveZone to be successful, it needs to have all employees and owners throughout the group consistently exhibit the following behaviors:

1. Face reality as it is at the present, not as it was or we wish it to be.

2. Change before we are forced to.

3. Learn more than we are taught.

4. Be candid with everyone.

5. We don’t neither manage people nor their action; we just manage things. We lead, inspire and transfer acting goals to the Thoughts and Thinking of people.

6. We totally eliminate delays.

7. We only talk about and take action on meaningful things.

8. We are always ready and on time.

9. We share sympathies.

10. We strive for the excellence.

11. We pay attention to 3R: Respect Other People, Respect Ourselves, Respect the Business.

12. Our Company is an equal environment but it is disciplined, well-organized and high cultured.

13. We will feel quite comfortable and confident in most circumstances, even if when we are under highly pressure or criticized situation.

14. We consider ourselves as empty bottle which can be filled more at any time.

15. We think that, success is made by the whole team, failure is from own’s mistake.


Founders of LiveZone Vietnam Consulting & Investment JSC