Housing Development

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In Vietnam, under the leadership of the  Government, all Vietnamese people are striving to realize the target of wealthy people, strong country, and equitable, democratic and civilized society. The Government creates favorable environment and encourages all strata of people to promote their internal force for gradual housing development contributing to change rural and urban face. The Vietnamese Government has made so  many changes in related policies and regulations since 1991; therefore, certain achievements in housing branch have been obtained contributing to stabilize social politics. Houses in rural and urban areas have increased in respect of their quantity and quality. The average housing area per head has risen from 6.5m2 floor/person in 1993 to 10m2 floor/person at present. The quality of houses has upgraded increasingly, many new spacious residential areas have been constructed to replace degraded residential areas.  The housing development target up to 2020  is to satisfy the population increase (including natural and mechanic population growth rate) and the growth of housing area per head. According to the statistics, total housing area in the whole nation at present is about 865 million m2.  The average housing  area per head is 10.1m2/person (in urban areas 10.3m2/person, in rural areas 10m2/person). LiveZone has set its targets for contributing to the development of housing area in major cities of Vietnam. LiveZone Vietnam Consulting and Investments JSC