Message from LiveZone's Executives

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Warmly welcome to our website. We will be moving to accelerate growth with the hope of benefiting society even more than ever. LiveZone's unshakable principle of working is for the benefit of society. We will ensure that LiveZone continues to keep the above vital spirit as a central principle, continually improving our products and services, and fulfilling our responsibilities as a trusted member of the communities in which we operate. We will continue to challenge ourselves to do better, in order to remain a company that all of our stakeholders can count on and rely on. LiveZone Vietnam marked the 3th anniversary of its founding in 2011. As we begin the next 10 years, LiveZone will by pursue growth in both global and Vietnamese markets, focusing on Consulting, Real Estate Business and the Social Innovation Business, which is aimed at creating sophisticated social and material infrastructures based on commitments and creativities. Our goal is to keep our promises to our stakeholders and to society by building a strong LiveZone. We will enhance the businesses in which we are already market leaders and leverage areas in which we have leading competencies and innovative, cutting edge technologies. We will also continue to implement structural reforms throughout the LiveZone Group. "The transformation to becoming a truly global company" is inevitable and will accelerate LiveZone's future growth. Looking for global resources while also having the ability to meet local needs in the country or region are of the utmost importance. For the future, we believe that retaining more resources for engineering/marketing in each region and maximizing the performance of all employees in the LiveZone group are vital components necessary to lead LiveZone into the future and help transform LiveZone into a widely recognized company. As business and the global economy changes, we will strive to adapt to the changing environment and live up to this commitment.

Founders of LiveZone Vietnam Consulting & Investment JSC