Our Commitments & CSR

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LiveZone’s Commitments to Six Key StakeHolders

1. Investors: For Investors, our goal is to achieve sustained growth in returning interests. The resulting business development appreciation, combined with dividends, is intended to provide our investors with a total return on investment that is competitive with similar investment opportunities.

2. Customers: For Customers, our goal is to achieve ever-increasing levels of satisfaction by providing quality, convenient superior houses and services with distinctive benefits on a timely and continuing basis. Our relationships with customers are forthright and honest, and are conducted in a manner that builds trust and confidence. When customers buy our products, they can be confident that they will receive a reliable and productive asset that will help them take their life to the next level.

3. Employees: Our employees are our most valuable resource, and our goal is for every employee to be personally involved and share in the Company’s success. The Company is committed to providing an environment that encourages employees to make full use of their creativity and unique talents by providing equitable compensation and benefits, safe and motivating working conditions, and the opportunity for personal growth and development.

4. Suppliers: Suppliers are a vital part of our business. Our goal is to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers who share our commitment to achieving increasing levels of customer satisfaction through continuing improvements in quality, service, timeliness, and cost. Our dealings with suppliers are fair and honest and embrace the highest principles of purchasing practice.

5. Communities: Our goal is to be a responsible corporate citizen. This includes support of appropriate civic, community, educational, charitable, and business activities; respect for the environment; and the encouragement of LiveZone employees to practice good citizenship and community support. Our greatest contribution to our communities is to be successful so that we can maintain stable employment and create new jobs.

6. Local Government: We always maintain a good relationship with local government as well as obey the issued policies and rules.


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